There are things that we are going to miss from Dallas that probably won’t be in Canterbury.  One that I think all of us will miss is a restaurant here called Buzzbrews.  N loves their pancakes.  Hubby and I will miss there crepes.  M will miss…actually, she probably won’t miss Buzzbrews.

Another thing we will miss is Deep Ellum.  Just all of it.  Our church, Life in Deep Ellum. The restaurants, the art, the people.  It’s where Hubby got his first tattoo.  It’s where I took many pictures.  It’s where Buzzbrews is!  Yea, we are going to miss Deep Ellum.

We are also going to miss the Perot Museum.  It was one of N’s favorite places.  It helped her fall in love with space.

Another is our car.  We will have no car.  In Dallas, we could hop in the car and go where ever we needed.  Church, swim class, any restaurant we could think of, Perot, McKinny to see family, etc.  We even went to Houston and New Mexico.  We are going to miss our car.

Another thing that I especially am going to miss is a salsa from Trader Joe’s.  I’m picky about salsa and this one was just right.  There is no Trader Joe’s where we are going, so no perfect salsa.

Before Texas, I lived in Delaware.  There, my aunt found a salsa that was wonderful.  It was a pineapple salsa from Pennsylvania.  It was my favorite.  When Hubby and I got married and were going to Marshall, Texas, I was given a box full of this delicious salsa.  It lasted a while.  By the time we moved to Dallas it was gone.  And then I found the TJ’s salsa.  So, as much as I liked the pineapple salsa, I found another one that was just as great.  And now, I am sure I will find another one that I like just as much or more.  Just like we will find a new favorite restaurant, a new town, and new things to do.  We aren’t getting a car, but we will adjust to walking and taking public transit.  It may not be Dallas, but soon, it will be Canterbury.


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