The Longest Shortest Night

We are now safely in Canterbury. We had quite a journey here.
N in her empty room in Texas (pic)
Parentals helped us get rid of last minute (or hour) things and took us to the airport. We arrived to the airport rather early, especially because our flight was delayed. We made it through security easily. They did think there was something of suspicion in Hubby’s bag, but it was quickly resolved. Then we ended up eating around 4. I met someone from England who mentioned some things to know about, like roundabouts, traffic, and marmite. I also met someone going to Moldova. She is in something called a friend circle club (I think) that sounded really neat. You go to different parts of the world and stay with other people from the club and they act as your tour guide. Sounds fun to me. N and M made a 2 year old friend living in Plano; her parents were from India.
We started boarding around 6:10, after getting the girls’ pjs on, so they were ready for sleep. We knew they won’t sleep right away, but we were hopeful for some sleep. We took off around 7:30

M’s first time on a plane (pic).
Dinner came maybe around 9. The girls didn’t eat much of their dinner. We had about 6 hours left from our 9 hour flight. We tried to get the girls to sleep, but neither would have it. N watched a movie and discovered Tom and Jerry. M sat on my lap, Hubby’s lap, and in between us, while she held and threw her kitty (named Mimi) all over the place.
When we had 3 hours left, the sun started coming up.

Even though there was no sleep, the girls were relatively calm until about the 2 hour mark. M hit N’s tray that had orange juice on it. The orange juice went everywhere. N had a bit of a meltdown. Most of the orange juice got all over her and her favorite pjs. Good thing orange juice doesn’t stain.
When we were ready for landing and therefore having to get seat belts on, the more than overtired M started screaming. This went on for about 10 minutes. We tried so many to help her. Then I decided to give her an empty juice box. When she immediately calmed down, I wondered why I didn’t think of looking at the trash in my lap as a solution sooner.
Within 5 or 10 minutes, she fell asleep. Five minutes before landing. That’s right, 5 minutes before landing.

After landing we sat for a bit while most people got off then woke M who, of course, screamed. We got the stroller and headed for passport check in where N asked to be picked up. She fell asleep in 2 minutes in Hubby’s arms for about 5- 10 mins before having to put her back down. Then we headed to baggage claim. Then with the help of a cart we got our luggage and headed out to meet some super amazing friends.
In my next post you will hear all about our amazing friends and our first day in England.


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