Not Alone

​After going through customs (which was nothing like I expected), we met up with our friends, A and T. They were waiting for us. They showed us where we could get some hydration. 

They took us to get Oyster cards for the tube and took us to the airport’s tube station. The first tube we had about 12 stops before ours. We had another tube to catch after the first one. We only had two or three stops before ours on that one. Then we had to get tickets for the big train. We got there just in time for the next train. Both girls fell asleep maybe 15 minutes in of our over an hour long ride.

Through our travels from tube to tube to trian, there were many stairs and not many lifts. This was a tad bit of an issue since we had a stroller. Thankfully, not only did we have A and T’s help, but many people stopped to help us get M up the stairs in her stroller.

From the train we all walked to A and T’s house, which was maybe a 10 minute walk. We dropped our luggage off, and walked to the realator’s office, which wasn’t much longer of a walk. Then we walked to our new house. It took a little longer, maybe 30 minutes.

After checking out our house, it was probably about 4pm. We all walked to a little cafe that is pretty close to our house. After eating, we split up. The guys went in search of a crib and the girls went to get very basic groceries. Both places are very close to the cafe.

Then the girls walked back to the house while the guys went to actually pick up and bring back crib. The place we got the crib is a different kind of store. You go in and look through a catalog and then write down the catlalog number for the items you want. You take that to the cashier and pay. Then they bring the items out to you.

So we had a crib for M to sleep it, but it needed to be put together. I stayed with girls and everyone else went to get tools and luggage from A and T’s place.

Almost immediately N injures herself. I had just put the girls in their room to play while I tried to put some things away. Then N starts screaming. I run in there and she has a bump with a cut on her head. I have nothing of use. No phone that works and nothing in the diaper bag, but diapers, wipes, and an extra set of clothes. This is where mom freaks out. 

I am running around trying to figure out how bad it is and what to do about it. I decide to get the shirt from the diaper bag, wet it with cold water and hold it over the cut, while N lays on the couch. Now, I probably made a bigger deal out of this than was necessary. There was not blood running from the cut. There was blood, but not a lot. But, N has never had a bad injury. I think the worst was nurse’s elbow; that popped right back before she saw anyone at the ER. So, I wasn’t sure when a head injury is bad enough for an ER visit. Especially while in a new place and not knowing how to go about it and with no way to contact anyone. 

Finally, Jeremy and friends came back. By this time I was thinking it may be ok, but I was still slightly worried. So everyone looked at her and thinks N is OK. Especially because she decides to get off couch and go upstairs, asking for people to play.

Our super helpful, super awesome friends go home. Jeremy puts the crib together, N watches a movie while M and me kind of unpack. Around 9:30 we put the girls down for bed. I’m pretty sure they fall asleep right away. 

Jeremy and I head to bed around 10:30. Also falling asleep right away. 

That ends our first day in Canterbury. 

I cannot express how thankful we are for our friends. They have been beyond awesome. Thank you friends!


2 thoughts on “Not Alone

  1. Sounds terribly exciting. Good that N didn’t manage to hit it too bad. The idea for that store sounds very clever, though I may be saying that as I had a similar idea to cut out the possibility of shoplifting. Not that you could shoplift a crib I suppose…

    Anyway, sounds like a tiring but industrious first day!


    • Yes, I was suprised at how bad it was as it is. She hit her head on the wall. Just the flat wall, not a corner or a board, or anything. She has hit her head on worse things with barely a bump.
      I was wondering if that was the thought behind the store. Or maybe that it doesn’t have to be as neat? Though, it would still need to be organized.


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