Some Differences

There are a few things that are done differently here than they are in the States. These are just a few things I have noticed so far. Some of them you may already know. Some of them we knew before getting here.

Here different words are used for some things we are used to, such as chips for fries. Though I have seen some restaurants say fries. Crisps is chips. Underwear are pants, while pants are trousers. We need to get this one straight quick. A stroller is a pram. A cart is a trolley. An elevator is a lift. Take out is take away. A yeild sign says give way. Trash is rubbish and a can is a bin. Closet is a cupboard and what we, or at least I, would think of as a cupboard is a cabinet. Though, I think they may be used more interchangeably in the states. 

Some things we have noticed that are different are things like air conditioning, rubbish, refrigerators, outlets and switches, washing machines, and restaurants. 

There is no air conditioning. At least not in most homes. There may be some in some public places, but not all. There is in the grocery store that is close to us, but not the cafe that is close.

Rubbish here is divided in 4 categories. They have recycling, food, household, and garden. I realize some people may have these categories in the states, but I have never seen it like the way it is set up here. They have a different pick up day for each category and you have 3 separate bins. I think it is going to take us awhile to get used to seperating each thing. 

A lot of the refrigerators I have seen when we were looking for place to live were small. As in, a mini fridge. Like ones you would put in a college room. While ours is bigger, it is still not the size you would see in most homes in the states. It is divided in half. The top half is the fridge and the bottom half is the freezer. The freezer is made up of all drawers. I am thankful we have a bigger freezer than what you would get in a mini fridge. 

There are not as many outlets in each room. In the states we had at least one, if not more, outlets on each wall in most rooms in each of our apartments. Here we have maybe half as many. Each outlet has a little switch on it. When you plug something in, you need to also turn the switch on for it to work. There are also swithces for some of the big appliances. For instance, the refrigerator, washer, and dishwasher all have switches on the wall that you have to turn on before you actually turn on the appliance itself.

Our washing machine is pretty small, so you really can’t put a whole lot of clothes in it, especially if you want them to dry. Our washing machine is also a dryer. It has washing settings on it and dryer settings. Though it seems like it drys automatically. But it doesn’t dry everything. If we put a small enough load in, things get mostly dry. We have a clothes line and we bought a dry rack to help with the drying. I am interested to see how washing our sheets go.

There is one big thing we have noticed in restaurants. At least the few we have been in. If the restaurant has take away, which most seem to. There are two different menus. We went to one and it looked like a place where you order and then go sit down. So we ordered and N and I went to find a seat. Hubby called us back over to let us know that he was just told there was a different menu to sit and eat. We had already ordered from the take away menu. So we just took it home. We will be prepared next time.

Some of these things will take time to get uses to, but I think we get used to most things quickly. 


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