A Few Things

Apology-There will be no pictures for a couple of weeks. We have very limited internet access right now. Unfortunately, I already used a lot of it posting pictures and a video or two previously. So, I will not be posting pictures until we get actually internet, which will be in a couple weeks. I am going to make it up to you by hopefully posting a couple videos on here.

In the meantime, here are a few random things.

We tried marmite. I’m not sure if anyone know much about it, but the British say that it is their peanut butter. It is nothing like peanut butter. So, if you get to try it, don’t go into it thinking peanut butter. We were not a fan. Well, M likes it just fine. But N would not try it. Hubby and I were not fans. There are apparently many recipes it can be put in. We will try that.

We have have had a lot of fish and chips lately. There are at two fish and chip places close to us. We have been to each of them. They have scampi that N really likes. There is a Chinese place close to us. Hopefully we will get to try there soon.

Beans seem to be a common food to be put in meals. For instance, the first meal that M had at the café had chips and beans with it. This was how all the kids meals were. M seemed to like the beans best.

They have a food called a pasty. It is like a homemade hot pocket with better ingredients. I had a steak one, that was pretty tasty.

I noticed that there are no fire hydrants like you see in America. However, I saw a…manhole cover that said fire hydrant. I have only seen one, but this is interesting to me. 

We were in a Belgian restaurant the other day. It had a huge menu full of beer. I had a cherry lambic that was very nice. When we were getting up to leave, some people at a near by table asked us if we were from America. We talked for a bit, learning that a couple of them were from Texas and one from Maine. They had moved here 12 years ago. They said that what tipped them off to us being from America was that M was eating a hamburger. They said that babies here, even M’s age of 17 months, will eat a mashed banana or something of the like. I now want to find all the babies at restaurants and spy on their dinners.

If anyone is planning on sending us anything from the US, it will possibly take 3 weeks to get here. We just found this out today.

I heard that people in England say cheers for everything. I have only one person say cheers since I have been here.

Maybe I will have some more misconceptions to clear up next time. Cheers! 🙂 


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