Meerkat Eats Pizza

​We decided to get pizza delivered on Friday. We were told that there were 2 pizza places that were pretty good. Since one was a US chain, we decided to try the other one. It took almost an hour for it to get to us. This may seem outrageous, but restaurants, and even grocery stores, seem to deliver a lot farther out than delivery places in the US. It also seems like a lot more places deliver. Though, I know in Deep Ellum they started delivery services to deliver food from places that don’t deliver themselves. 

We ordered online. We were able to get a no sauce pizza for N. They called us to make sure that was really what we wanted. We got pepperoni and cheese for the girls and pepperoni and mushrooms (with cheese and sauce) for Hubby and I. It tasted pretty similar to anything we would get in the US from a Pizza Hut or Domino’s (spoiler: that’s the US chain). 

One thing that was different was the pepperoni. It had a taste more like ham. Also, pizza places have a lot more than just pizza. American burgers, chips (Are you keeping up with the words? Did you remember that chips is fries? 🙂 ), coleslaw, chicken, wings, etc. 

N ate 2 pieces of the pizza, so obviously she was fine with the ham-like pepperoni.  M ate 1 piece then walked around nibbling on a second (we decided not to get high chair for her, so she sits at the table for most meal times. Then when sister gets down, M also gets down, even if she is still eating). 

There is one more thing that was different, something that every pizza place seems to have. I don’t know if any of you like Papa John’s pizza like I do, but they have that garlic dip that I like with pizza crust. So when I saw that they had a garlic herb dip with the pizza, I was pretty excited. Alas, it is not like Papa John’s dip. I kept trying it with the crust thinking that it wasn’t what I expected, but that there was something familiar about it. Then Hubby mentioned the mayo taste. Ah yes. That was it. 

So pizza, yes. Garlic herb dip, no.

Next week- find out why we just used the oven for the first time Saturday. 


5 thoughts on “Meerkat Eats Pizza

  1. We love reading about your adventures. In case you don’t get the message on Facebook, Uncle Jim and I want to wish a Happy Birthday to Natalia and to Danielle this week. Have a wonderful time celebrating in an exciting new place.

    Aunt Joanne


  2. Happy Birthday to two sweet and beautiful girls(Danielle&Natalia). Hope you are having a wonderful time. It’s a perfect day here,so hope yours is also. Enjoy all your new adventures, missing you all like crazy. I know you are having a Blessed day,so take care. Love to everyone and hugs Ole’Granny “T”.


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