A Bit of Parenting: Poop

Word of the week- Crèche. Crèche is nursery or daycare. (This really doesn’t have much to do with our post today, except that sometimes parents need someone to watch their babies.  And we found out that nursery at church is not nursery, but crèche.)

That’s right.  We are going to talk a bit about poop today. Some of you may be thinking, “No thank you.”  That’s fine. But, if you are a parent, you know that it is just a fact of life and a part of parenting. Because if any of you have or have had a 5 year old you know how much they love potty things.

When N was born we had a poop chart. It told us when colors and consistencies were something to worry about. I remember that, for a while, we consulted that chart a lot. Then after a certain point, we stopped worrying about it. There had never been actual reason to worry. So with M, we never had a chart and we didn’t really worry about it. If you are a nurse, parent, doctor, anyone around infants, you know that babies have this black tar-like poop at first. If any of you know M, you know she is well past this stage. So when I changed her diaper a few weeks ago, to find a diaper full of black poop, I was a bit concerned. Upon closer examination (no, I didn’t touch it) I noticed it had a bit of green to it, so I felt less concerned. Then a couple days later Hubby was changing her diaper and he noticed that it was black. No other color, just black. I decided to look this up to make sure it was nothing to worry about. I found that Oreos turn your poop black, but M had no Oreos. Then I found, after reading about all these other colors and types of poop that mean nothing, that black poop means internal bleeding. WHAT! I rushed to Hubby.  He started reading and also looking things up. He found that blueberries make your poop black or at least super dark so it looks black. M had a full bowl of blueberries the day before. Huge sigh of relief.

So that’s our poop story. But, here in England, we’ve found other poop stories too, like this book the the girls just had to have. Enjoy- https://youtu.be/wtW1ntOrVr8



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