I had a chance to visit the Canterbury (or Norman) Castle. It’s a short walk from our place. This is my first visit to a castle that I can remember (unless you count Disney World’s castle, which, no offense to Disney and Disney World fans, but I don’t. I still liked Disney World, it just doesn’t count). This castle was not very big.  When I think of a castle, I think one of these. The Canterbury Castle is not one of those. But I was still excited.



It was constructed around 1100-1135. At least the stone castle was. There was a motte and baily construction before that. The castle in Dover was built around the same time, but was bigger and where Henry II preferred to be. So, in the 13oos it became a prison. By the 17th century the castle was already not in very good shape. Later, the Canterbury Gas Light and Coke Company took it over as storage. They ended up tearing out the top floor. Our poor castle. 😦

This is the closest I could find to some of the info that is placed around the castle on plaques and such.

When you walk up to the castle there is a little model of what it may have looked like. b

I walked around the castle.


And I found a door that seemed to lead into the castle. Unfortunately, it was closed.


That didn’t stop me from peeking.


As I walked around the castle more I found an interesting area outside that looked like there was supposed to be something there.  It was just an outline leading away from the castle then back around to it.


I also found another door. And this one was open. YAY!


Inside, I could see where the one set of stairs used to be.


Though, it doesn’t look like it went all the way up.  I wonder if it was changed when the gas company took the top floor out.

Oh look, the door that was closed.


I also found a set of stairs. Up we go!m-canterburycastle-80

It led to a little landing on what I am assuming was the second floor. n-canterburycastle-93

It allowed me to take a picture of more of the interior.


There were more stairs heading up further, but they were blocked.


After I left the castle, I walked a bit.  There was a building next to it, but I am not sure what it was used for, other than to hold this wheel up. 🙂


When you walk down from that, there is a church.  The church looks like a nice old building. It has a cemetery around it.


Across from the back of this church is a little patch of land, with a few trees. On the land was one lone grave site. Disturbed grave, it seemed. This was interesting to me. I’m sure there are many reasons it could be there. I’m just not sure what they are.


As I walked back toward the castle, I thought it was a funny site to see flats on one side and a castle on the other.x

I took many more pictures, but I am sure I put too many in this post already. Hopefully we will get to see Dover next.

Next week – The food festival and a new park.


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