Fun Times

There is a park that’s about a 20 minute walk from us. It is a good size park, with a maze, a food stand, some local history, and lots of trees. Canterbury hosted their Food Festival there a couple weeks ago.  They had so many food vendors, as well as a few non-food vendors. The food included, German sausage, pizza, Mexican, Italian, pork, Vietnamese, Crepes, chicken, Thai, sweets (including ice cream, gourmet marshmallows, pies, cakes, brownies), juice, beer, wine, liquors – and probably more. And there were multiple vendors with each of those types of food.  They had a kid’s tent with toys and crafts, 20160924_111857Face paint,

and rides.20160924_113443They had music. This was the small set up they had. They also have a bandstand. I don’t know if you can hear him very well, but he was doing a lot of Frank Sinatra and I thought he was pretty good.

We really enjoyed the food. A couple days before, while they were setting up (that whole process took them a few days before it started), I saw a French Crepe stand.  That was my first stop. I also had a Vietnamese dish and a brownie. N also decided to try a crepe, but not at the French Crepe place.


M had grilled cheese, and some yummy chicken tenders.20160924_122936

Hubby had a fajita burrito and a Thai dish.  He also tried a beer and a spicy Mediterranean dish. The girls and I also tried these gourmet marshmallows that were pretty tasty. We also had a sample of some juice and decided to get some, along with some of the marshmallows and local honey.20160924_135836 We all enjoyed the Food Festival. Can’t wait for next year!

We also found a new park last week. It has a much bigger playground. Unfortunately, I didn’t get many pictures. But I am sure we will go many more times. 20160927_153347There are two of these swings and both girls loved them.20160927_155016There is a double decker bus with a slide. There are many other wood structures with slides, swings, ropes, poles, slopes, and bridges.  Much fun has been had.

Next week – a walk through of the house.


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