Many of you saw the pictures of our new home.  We thought you might like the grand tour. So, we made a video.  I would like to make a correction – when talking about the last bedroom I said it gets dark in our room.  I meant that it gets warm.  Makes much more sense.

Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cf-aRKoI3Oc

In other news- We received an advertisement for a new pizza place in Canterbury. Papa John’s! I know, “That is in the States, why try it?” Because it’s Papa John’s, that’s why. So, we tried it for dinner. Yup we did. Tuesdays are buy one get one free.  All the better.

This is what I’m talking about –20161011_173340

They had the garlic sauce. Yum! We had it delivered. They got to our place in about 25 minutes. The main difference to the pizza was that the sauce tasted sweeter. The crust may have been a tad different, but I am not for sure. The pepperoni tasted less like ham and more like pepperoni-though there wasn’t a whole lot on the pizza.  Hubby was unimpressed by the pepperoni. We also ordered a mushroom, which I thought was good. They did not have sauceless pizza, but they did have cheesy bread that the girls seemed to love. It came with a tomato sauce to dip in it. M was happy with that. 20161011_172733

Yay Papa John’s is in Canterbury!


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