We had our first Halloween in England! N had the chance to participate in 3 ways. The church we are going to had what is called a Light Party on Friday. The City Centre, with its many shops, had a trick or treat time in a certain area on Saturday. And of course, trick or treating on Monday.

The Light Party was pretty similar to a Harvest party you would see at many American churches. There were crafts, games, pizza, and music. There were a few Elsas, superheroes, a Storm Trooper, a fairy, etc. So there were character costumes. I don’t think there were any scary costumes. One thing that was different, at least from what I remember, was candy. I think I remember going to Harvest parties and coming home with candy. I mean, that’s why you do the non-Halloween Halloween parties, right? Because all these kids are going out to get candy and you aren’t, so you have to get candy somehow. They didn’t really have candy. They had a bag of church material. Then they brought out a couple bags of candy as kids were leaving. This wasn’t a big deal for N (she got 1 lollipop) since she was going to go trick or treating anyway. I just found it interesting.

King’s Mile the certain stretch of City Centre.  It has many shops and restaurants and is full of history. They had their own trick or treating, and it was a lot more candyful. On Saturday, if a shop had a pumpkin in the window it meant they had sweets. There were many shops participating and many, many kids. One thing that was different from the Light Party and seems different from the US was the costumes. They were scarier. Even normally “nice costumes” turned scary, like a zombie princess. Even children younger than N were in scary costumes. I also noticed that the grocery store near us carried no character costumes. No Elsa, no superheroes, Star Wars, animals, or even profession costumes. We noticed the same thing on Monday.

In preparation for Monday, we had a hard time finding out what the protocol was. For instance, we didn’t know if a light on meant trick or treat and a light off meant no. Thankfully, a friend found that a sign most likely meant they were participating. Though, when we took our sign down, we still got trick or treaters. There weren’t many that participated in our area. Maybe 1 in 10 houses. And we had about two dozen trick or treaters stop by. We noticed the same scary costumes. Thankfully, N wasn’t scared by all the costumes. In fact, she liked the skeletons.

There were three things we noticed that is different from the US. The first is the scary costumes already mentioned. The second is fireworks. Fireworks were going off the night before Halloween, the night of, and the night after. The third is the candy. Of course the candy is different. I think it was more gummy candy and less chocolate candy than you see in the US. But more than that, the candy was less Halloween-themed. No spooky candy – just regular stuff.


Now for the giveaway. We got some good suggestions for posts. A post all about a traditional British dish- the process of making it and eating it. British accents and the different areas they are from. And British cats. By random selection, the winner is traditional British dish! I will contact and get you your prize.

I will do my best to get each of these posts done. They may even become a series of posts. Thanks for the suggestions and feel free to keep them coming.


One thought on “Halloween

  1. I wonder if Halloween proper is as villified as pagan in England as it is in the US. If I recall correctly, Halloween in America got put on the Christian black list after the guy who wrote The Satanic Bible declared it to be important in some way to The Church of Satan.


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