A Bit of School

N gets asked a lot if she is in school yet. At first she would look at me like, “What are they asking me, mom?” Now she says something like, “I do school at home.” That’s right, we homeschool.

Why do we homeschool? Well, right now, a big part of it is that we knew we were going to move. And we know we will probably move again. So instead of putting N, and then later M, in school and then have to pull them out when we move, we are homeschooling. Another reason is that hubby was homeschooled. I was not, but my brothers were. I actually did my senior project (in my public school) on homeschooling, because so many people asked about it. Plus, I wanted to learn more about it, since then I thought homeschooling my kids may be something I wanted to do. The idea of one on one schooling, giving your child the attention they need, sounds good to us. Being able to conform school to the child is a good thing. That is something that can not happen in a public school. Every child learns differently and in a class of 15 or more, one teacher can only do so much. When hubby was in high school, he got to focus almost exclusively on his interests  – religious studies and the theatre. If he’d been in public school, or even private schools, there’s no way he’d have had the opportunity to focus like that.

I’m not saying shame on you if you don’t homeschool. There’s no “best” way to do schooling. I went to public school and I was fine with it. And when the girls get older and if they decide they really want to go to public school, we are open to that.

We use allinonehomeschool.com. It is all online and it is free. Basic supplies are needed. But it is meant to be done online and cost very little (for supplies). There are books available for somethings if you prefer to work in a book. There are also printables available for somethings if you prefer and for some projects.

I found a free online calendar monthly planner. I printed it out and started planning the school year. 20161109_192127

N is going through Getting Ready 2 right now. It is basically learning to read with some handwriting and a little bit of math. It is layed out by day. Day 1- day 180. Each day has a reading assignment, a writing assignment, and an online game (the math). We went ahead and bought the book for reading. I thought it would be easier for her. And we printed out the writing sheets.


N is doing very well. She has even started reading some other books on her own. She doesn’t do all the games right now because a lot of them are things like counting. She has that down. But I do pick some out for her that I think will be fun or she could use some work on.

Homeschooling also allows her to do things like this – 20161109_193002

A paper plate (all with her art on them) path from her room to M’s room.

Some days she says she can’t wait to do school work. Some weekends she says she  wants to do work. Next year is going to be more involved. We will see how that goes.



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