Spicy Senses

We started ordering from a company called Abel and Cole. They send fresh organic fruits and vegetables to your door. They also send meats, snacks, whole meal boxes for you to cook yourself, and other assorted grocery items.

We usually just get a fruit and vegetable box, and milk and eggs. This week we decided to try one of their recipe boxes. It was one big meal. I thought I would write a post about making it since we like Abel and Cole so much.

This is usually what our counter looks like on Monday morning when we get our box. 20161115_173222

This Monday we got an extra box with all the ingredients for Sweet Potato Chili, plus a recipe card. (Note: I am not giving the exact recipe as I’m not sure I can do that. Sorry!)

I started chopping all the ingredients.

Onions, chili, garlic, red peppers, and sweet potatoes.

They even added little seasoning packets.


I added the seasonings and then the beans and tomatoes.

So as I am chopping and adding, I am thinking this might be spicy. Maybe I should not add this chili pepper, or at least not the whole thing. And cayenne? I don’t think that’s a good idea. But it being the first recipe box, I thought I should make everything as directed and see how it turned out. My spicy senses were tingling, but I decided to press on.

They added tins with an easy open lid. I thought that was a wonderful idea. Just something to make it a little easier.


Once everything was added, it just had to cook.


When it was done I scooped it in to bowls. I was pretty sure N wouldn’t like it because she despises potatoes (yes, even sweet potatoes). But I poured a little in a bowl for her to try. And for M, but I thought she might like it even if it was spicy. I poured a glass of milk with mine, just in case.


Holy spice Batman! I was wrong. I was wrong because I should have listened to my spicy senses. They were tingling and I should always listen to my spicy senses. I ended up having to add crackers to mine. And M took a bite then grabbed at her mouth. But then she wanted another. She had three or four bites and that was it, even she couldn’t take the spice. N barely tried a bite, so that wasn’t surprising. Of course Hubby did fine with his because he eats spice for breakfast. OK, not really, but he likes spicy food, so I wasn’t worried about him liking it.

Next week maybe I will talk about some projects I have done that I never thought I would.



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