London Revisited

I know last week I mentioned talking about craft projects, but we went to London. I think London will be more interesting.

When we came to England, we flew into London, but of course had no chance to do anything fun. So, when we had friends from the states that were going to have a layover in London, we decided to look around the city before and after seeing them. So we headed out.


We walked to the train station and took it to Victoria Station, which is the big station in London. From the station we took the Tube to get to our first stop.


“Get out, Get out?”

Before getting to our first planned stop, we saw Westminster Abbey.

Our first stop was to see Big Ben. It was more golden than we expected. N was excited, but M fell asleep before we got there.

After seeing Big Ben, we went to Borough Market. We heard about this from Sandy Makes Sense. Before we moved I started looking up videos on living in England, and I found her videos. She has talked about Borough Market many times, so we decided to try it out. We really liked it. We liked all the food we got. Lamb salad bowl, Egyptian street food (not pictured, hubby ate it before I could get a picture), Scotch eggs with sweet potato fries, and coconut pancakes.

After we ate, we went in search of something warm to drink. We had to convince N that something warm to drink would be better than ice cream at that moment. There were a few coffee stands, even the ice cream stand had coffee and hot chocolate. But we found this little cart that we decided to try. The guy asked if he could make N a Babyccino. Which was steamed milk with a little bit of chocolate, in a little tiny baby cup. I had the creamiest hot chocolate, and Hubby had a bold espresso. The guy was very nice and the drinks were awesome.

Our next stop was the Tower of London. Before you walk in, there’s some statues of lions. M was obsessed with them. When we started to go away from them she got very very upset. The Tower of London is huge, guys. But unfortunately (and fortunately), we only saw a tiny bit of it. The crowned jewels. You aren’t allowed to take any pictures of the jewels, sorry.

After we saw the crowned jewels, M and I found some monkeys. She enjoyed them. But she enjoyed get out of the stroller even more.

Pretty close to the Tower of London is the London Bridge.

There were also a couple buildings that we didn’t know what they were, but we thought were pretty.

After seeing the Tower of London we took the Tube to our hotel. We got some dinner at the hotel cafe. The cafe had a little kids area, which made both girls very happy.


After we ate, we waited a bit and then walked over to the hotel our friends were going to be staying at. We were very excited. When they got to the hotel, N and her friend just stood there talking to each other for awhile. We got to hang out with them for a little bit, then we all went to our rooms. M had a hard time. Someone hit our door and woke her up and that was it. It took her at least two more hours to get back to sleep.

In the morning we went to have breakfast with friends. We hung out for a bit. One of the most exciting parts is that we already made plans to see them again next time they’re coming through.

We waited with them until their shuttle came to take them to the airport. Then we headed back to the Tube station. It was a sad walk. But we made it to the Tube.


This one fell asleep on our way.

When we got off we went in search of cinnamon buns. Instead, we found rainbow cake. Then we found an awesome pizza place. We all liked it.


After pizza, we walked to the Natural History Museum. It is a beautiful building. They had a little ice skating ring outside of it. There was also one outside of the Tower of London.

After the museum, we walked to the Tube and took it to Victoria Station. We got on the train and then almost lost the train. We rode the train halfway there and then at one of the stops they told us that another train had come in. This train would take us straight to Canterbury instead of making the stops that the one we were on was making. So we decided to go for it. We get to it and are told that we have to get in one of the first eight cars. We run up and try to get on, but it won’t open. Then it left. We run back to the other train and thankfully get on before it leaves. Whew! We won’t do that again.

Once the train stopped at the Canterbury station we covered ourselves in rain gear and walked home. The Christmas lights are on in Canterbury now, so it was a very pretty walk home.

Yay friends and yay home!


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