Date Night

Hubby and I aren’t very good at date nights. Part of that is because kids make things like date nights a bit difficult, especially if you don’t have a babysitter. So I heard about this site that sends you a box with everything you need for an at home date night. I got real excited, ya’ll. So I looked it up. It was As I looked into it, I realized that they only ship in the US. Of course I find it after we move. But they do have a free digital date night to try out. So I signed up and we tried it out. They sent an email with a cooking video. We watched and the made a yummy chicken dish together. It even had dessert. Then there was a story with some things to discuss. It was nice. I don’t think we had any interruptions by the littles either. So, if you live in the US and need a date night fix, give it a try.

As nice as it was, it was only one digital date. We couldn’t get any more. So I decided to see if there was something similar here in the UK. No problem. Found 3 of them. I decided to go with


They have a trial box, which is not free. But it is not just an email. It is supposed to be a smaller version of one of their boxes. Just Us Box, like the other date box sites I have seen, is a monthly subscription. So this was a trial of the November box.

We opened it up


There were two boxes, a little instruction pamphlet, and even a voucher for more of one of the products inside.


In the two boxes, we had popcorn, lemon juice, chocolate, Miracle Frooties, hot chocolate, and napkins. The chocolate was a mystery taste test. It was good. Dark, smooth, yummy chocolate. They each had different things in them, like fruit, licorice, charcoal (yea), etc. We couldn’t tell which was which. None of the flavors were overpowering. Hubby did guess one of them right, but other than that our guesses were all wrong. The popcorn was just to eat, I assume. It wasn’t mentioned in the instruction pamphlet. It was good too, especially the goat cheese and pepper. The lemon juice and the Miracle Frooties was the strangest thing.


So you roll this fruit pill around on your tongue until it dissolves. Then you eat something sour. In this case, lemon juice. Whoa! We sipped the lemon juice and it became this sweet slightly berry, slightly citrus weirdness. It is definitely something that you should try if given the chance. I’m not sure why you would use it on a regular basis, but it is an experience.

I thought the napkins were just in case you need them. Turns out, there was a little origami tutorial.


Then there were three little challenges to do with love, laugh, and live.

It was fun, though we did get interrupted this time. A few times. Our littles don’t like sleep.

We will be trying out more Just Us Boxes.


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