We decided to do Advent Christmas cookies this year. We started on December 1st and made a batch of cookies everyday. We have made peppermint “candy canes,” chocolate peanut butter bars, marshmallow reindeer, shortbread, and more.

Unfortunately, we had to take a break from our Advent cookies because we have a house full of sick. Hopefully we will be able to resume soon. But while baking cookies, I made some observations. There are some differences in what you can get here, making some recipes a tad difficult.

Keep in mind this is my experience with the two stores near us. There could be other stores in Canterbury or the UK that do have these things. Here, I have not found them. I think the first thing I noticed was the lack of graham crackers. This really didn’t turn out to be a big deal because they have something similar tasting. There are Digestives which are semi-sweet meal biscuits. (I think I have talked about biscuits before, but just in case, they are cookies. Not ooey gooey cookies, but dryer, crunchy cookies.) There are also Rich Tea biscuits, which I think were even closer to a graham cracker. They are a bit sweeter than Digestives.

They next think  I noticed was the lack of Christmas sprinkles. They had blue and white snowflakes, but I think that was it. No colored sugar of any kind (except some blue in a Frozen sprinkle set). I put red food coloring in some sugar for the red sugar you see above on the peanut butter blossoms.There were no red, green, and white sprinkles of any kind.

Some other things I couldn’t find were Kisses, Tootsie rolls, and mini M&Ms. There are M&Ms, just not mini ones, and any flavor other than plain isn’t as easy to find. But I found something that worked in the baking section.

Another thing that’s hard to find is marshmallows. They have a bag of mini marshmallows in the baking section, but not the bigger ones. I did find a small bag of bigger (but not as big as what you find in the US) marshmallows in the candy isle. Another thing I noticed about the marshmallows, they are white and pink. Both size bags have white and pink.

The last thing I learned so far is that this frosting is gross. Really gross.


There are two other brands of frosting to try. Hopefully they’ll taste better.

Hopefully we will be getting healthy enough to bake some more before Christmas.



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