I hope everyone had a great New Year. I actually had a headache on New Year’s Eve, so after doing a Beat Bugs countdown with the girls and putting them to bed (for anyone who doesn’t know yet – Netflix offers countdowns with kids’ characters. Really helps with the whole celebrating-without-staying-up-til-midnight), I went to bed. Crazily enough, I woke up right before 12. Hubby and I used EartchCam to watch fireworks happening at the London Eye. It was really neat. Just like with the ball dropping in New York, I’m not sure I would want to be there waiting around with all those people, especially not with two littles. But it was cool to watch. This isn’t exactly how we watched it, but if you are interested https://youtu.be/O0qPC46McwA

Much as I might like to, I did not resolve that I would eat more sweets this year, but I am going to talk about them in this post. Hubby and I decided to try a few different things and see what we thought.

The first thing we tried was an Aero bar. We actually had one of these not long after we moved here and also had one in the States. There is plain chocolate and mint. Some of you may have had this before because it is not too hard to find in the States. 20160820_174807

It is a light bubbly chocolate. That is really the best way to describe it. I think the mint is pretty intense. Aero has puddings too. I am guessing you can’t get those in the States. I think Hubby is a pretty big fan of these. So is N. I could take or leave.

The next thing we tried were Smarties. Now I hear Smarties and think the pastel colored chalky sweet candies. Not so. 20161227_203424

Smarties here are more like M&Ms. They are a tad different. They are pastel colored, and I think the shell is a bit fruity flavored. The shell is also a bit crunchier than M&Ms. I think we could take or leave these.


The next candy we tried were Maltesers. 20161229_191349

These look pretty similar to Whoppers. The outside is creamier than Whoppers and they are a bit sweeter. It has a honey combed centre, which actually seems to be something in a lot of candies I have seen. The inside was a bit dryer. I think we were more of a fan of these than Whoppers.


The next thing we tried were Wine Gums. Now, we tried the store brand, so I am not sure if you get the brand name if they will taste any different. 20170102_130754

I was surprised by these. I wasn’t expecting them to be very soft. They were pretty soft though. We were a bit confused by the name. Wine Gums, that would make you think that alcohol would be in the ingredients in some way, right? Nope. However, after eating quite a few, I noticed the writing on them. 20170102_130902

I don’t know if you can’t read that, but it says champagne. Others in diamond shapes and ovals said burgundy, sherry, and port. They were all different colors. Even some with the same name had a difference in color. They were soft, chewy and pretty tasty. Even Hubby liked these and he isn’t a fan of gummies unless they are sour.

The last thing we have tried is also a gummy. copy-of-20170104_203257

These have some kind of powder on them. 20170104_203201

Other colors include yellow, green, and purple. They have kind of a crusty outside and more of a jelly/gummy inside. Does that sound appetising? No? Yea, not to us either. These have been our least favorite. Very weird. Plus, look at those things. Super creepy.

I’m sure there will be more sweet reviews in the future. Maybe we will even find dark chocolate that doesn’t just have liquor in it. Fingers crossed on that one.


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