Ten Day Vlog

Some of you may have noticed the videos I have been posting on Facebook. A friend decided to do a 10 day vlog and asked if others wanted to do it as well. I thought about a minute and said (in the words of M), “No way, Jose”. But as he talked more about it I thought, maybe I could do videos about things around here in Canterbury. Then I thought about the fact the I can’t edit videos. I have no idea how to go about it. So I looked up video editing apps on my phone and found Quik. Quik is very easy to use, so I thought, maybe I can do this. So, I did a practice run and it wasn’t professional by any means. But it worked for my purpose. Then on the first day I realized it wasn’t going to work just editing on my phone. My storage filled up too quick, making it hard to actually keep the videos on the phone. So I went in search of a free desktop editor. It wasn’t as easy as finding an app. But I think I have landed on Hit 4 Express. It’s still not as easy as Quik, but it’s a little more user friendly than the other 4 I tried.

I thought I would put a video of the past three days up for you to see. If you have watched on Facebook, this is not going to be exactly the same. For one, I fixed day two. And I am not cutting as much as I did for the videos on Facebook. So, it’s going to be long. Day two was over 15 minutes long before I trimmed it.

Next week will there will be more videos.


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