Family Time Management

We spent about half of December sick. I think we are still trying to get back into a rhythm schedule-wise. Hubby has one day a week he has to be on campus, then he does his work here, so we are still trying to figure out how all that works on a consistent basis. I am also always trying to figure out how to have family time.

During the 10 day vlog, I noticed another family having family art time. This seemed like a wonderful idea, so I thought we would implement it as well. We started it last week.  It went about as I expected it to go with two small children, though I had hoped N would be into more than she turned out to be.

We started out with everyone having something they wanted to work on. I rounded up some things for M to do – stickers, coloring books, stuff she would like. She didn’t last as long as I thought she would. I don’t think she was in an artsy mood. N worked a little and then before too long both girls decided they were hungry. Despite the lack of interest, N said it was the best part of her day and Hubby and I did get a little of what we were working on done.

At this point I think it is mostly about getting used to having this time, so I was not disappointed in the lack of attention. I got some special art things for the girls for this week. Maybe they will be a little more interested.

Yay art!


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