Dinner With M

We decided to try a different fish and chips place – Canterbury Tails. Fun, right? M didn’t think so, or maybe she did.

When her fish and chips came she took a bite of fish and made a face. She held the bite in her mouth until she spit it out because she was mad we took her juice away because she had just splashed it all around then threw it across the table.
So then we gave her chips, which are sometimes the only thing she will eat from a meal out. She ate a few. Then she flung ketchup covered chips around the table. While playing with her food, she pooped. Hubby went to change her diaper and she peed on him. Nice dinner conversation, right?
But when we sit down to eat, she wants to hold hands and pray. When the waitress came with her food, she said thank you. In between her not eating her fish and chips, she held my hand. When I gave her a bite of the dessert that came with her meal, she said thank you. On the way home, her hat fell off. I put it back on for her and she said, thank you mama.
Just a little snippet into a dinner with M. She is a great kid. A great, messy, polite kid.

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