Glass Eggs

Two new things happened this week. First, we tried duck eggs. Second, Hubby and I got new glasses.

Neither Hubby nor I had ever tried duck eggs. Abel and Cole had an offer on them, so we thought we would try them. The first difference I noticed was that they were harder to crack. I don’t know if the shells are tougher or thicker, but they took more effort to crack. I also noticed that the yolks seem bigger. Yes, this may just be because of the size of the egg. But I also noticed that there is less white – very little compared to a chicken egg. I prepared them 2 ways. Poached and scrambled. When poached, I could taste that the yolk seemed thicker and has a bit of a stronger taste. When I scrambled them I didn’t notice much of a difference in taste. Hubby said he did, though. N thought they tasted better than she thought they would. M wouldn’t eat them. But she has been sick and hasn’t seemed as interested in food and/or she is developing a dislike for many foods.

Glasses are not new to Hubby and I, but we have not had our eyes checked or gotten new glasses since about 2012. So, we were in much need of new ones. We both ended up with a slightly stronger prescription. We were able to get two pairs – there was an offer for a buy one get one free. We thought this was a good idea since M likes to play with our glasses. 20170208_16391420170208_173131-120170208_19135520170208_183557-1

Hubby got a black and a brown/red pair. I got a blue and a purple pair. On our walk home, M turned around in her push chair looking from Hubby to me smiling. I think she likes our glasses.


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