Two Castles, No Waiting

Hello friends!

For those of you keeping score, this is Hubby post the second. Our usual faithful writer was unable to take part in the adventures described below because she was busy staying home with a coughing toddler.

So – near Canterbury, there’s a small little tourist trap ocean-side community known as Whitstable. We’d only been there once before, sometime late last year – my supervisor lives over there, and he had some of us students over for food. We didn’t explore the town at all.

Fast forward a few months to  this past Monday. Our faithful writer had seen a flyer for an activity at Whitstable Castle – a fairy scavenger hunt! Sounds perfect for our Tinkerbell-loving 5 1/2 year old. Fairies, castles, bus rides – what could be better, right? So, out we head!

N loves riding on the bus. It’s one of her favorite activities. Usually, I don’t mind it too much – except this time, she insisted we ride in the back, which, it turns out, I’m not a fan of. Or, more exactly, my stomach is not a fan. So, N enjoyed the 20-or-so minute ride to Whitstable. Me, not so much.

But! Then we arrived at the castle! Which was!… OK? I mean, sure, it’s a castle, but, I dunno, it just didn’t jump out at me as… super great. Here, judge for yourself.



So yeah. Nice enough.

But – we weren’t really here for the castle. We were here for the fairies. And we saw the fairies right away! …except N said we shouldn’t take pictures of any of them, so you can’t see them. Sorry. But honestly, you’re not missing much. A few popsicle stick doors/windows with bright cellophane panes up against some trees, some GoogleImage print-out of the top results of ‘fairy’ taped to the trees, and some sprinkled glitter. But hey, free activity, no complaints here.


then N saw THIS

Yes my friends, there’s a playground at the castle. Long-time readers may notice similarities between this and Toddler’s Cove, the local nice playground here in Canterbury. I’m pretty sure the same equipment company made both of them.Not pictured: The large disc swing that N loved more than life itself. We spent the entire time playing here instead of doing the fairy scavenger hunt. We only went inside for the above picture to humor daddy.

So, our trip to Whitstable didn’t go as planned. N had no interest in the castle, and even less interest in the planned activity the castle was hosting. She only had eyes for playing.

After the scavenger hunt playing for a few hours, we found a late lunch at a local eatery: Quayside


It was pretty decent. I had some Boondoggle ale. N had a chocolate popsicle. Then it was back on the bus


and home.



(wait didn’t he say two castles?)

Oh, right. We technically walked past Canterbury castle on our way there and back again. So BAM two castles.


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