Screaming Cinnamon Swirls

Our girls love each other. They have fun playing together, and M is always trying to do what N does. Sometimes they will go in each others rooms and play together. Sometimes they will be in the living room making cushion slides or running back and forth screaming. Those are happy screams.

(Not the level of screaming we are talking about here.)

But sometimes, they have unhappy screams. They usually go like this- N gets upset about something. M comes over to her to console or see what’s wrong or just because Sissy is upset. Then N gets even more upset and runs and screams to the top of her lungs. M takes the cue, and screams to the top of her lungs. This will go on until one of us can calm one of them down. Sometimes M will yell something like, “GO YOUR ROOM,” which makes the situation worse (we like to suggest N go to her room for alone time to calm down – sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t). What are we going to do with these girls?

This week when I was grocery shopping I decided to look for hummus (or as it’s spelled here, houmous). I hadn’t seen any previously, so I wasn’t sure if I would find it. I looked in many different places. While I was in the butter isle, I saw chickpea spread. Then, near it, I saw the houmous. Huzzah! I got audibly excited. Thankfully, the person next to me didn’t notice (though we did start discussing the beetroot yogurt mint dip). From this find I also found pastry dough that I wasn’t sure I would be able to find. From THAT find, I found something that N has been wanting, that we didn’t think we could find here. I see a roll of crescent rolls. What? But that’s not it. When I saw the crescent rolls, I saw –img_20170222_074119_696

I didn’t tell N. I made them for breakfast (of course). N went in the kitchen to get something as the timer went off. She came running out pointing towards the kitchen. “I was going in to get a bowl and I smelled that and I looked in the oven and I saw. Cinnamon rolls!” As she jumps up and down. So glad I go them.

Someone else enjoyed them too.20170222_075847

In other news, I think I accidentally made dessert for dinner tonight. I was making pierogi pizza casserole. Apparently, they have sweet pierogies. The only ones I have found are mostly in another language. But I got them before and I don’t remember them being sweet. These did look a bit different though. Turns out they were. It was cheese. But it was this sweet cheese. Imagine a sweet cheese pierogi with tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, olives, and (just for Hubby) jalapenos. It was edible, but it was weird.

That was our week.


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