Mommy Kitty

Many of you may know that we had to leave behind our cat when we moved. This made all of us very sad. Well, maybe not M because I’m not sure she remember him now. Though she did love to pull on his tail. He didn’t like that. At all.

Part of the reason we did not bring him is because many of the places we were looking to live did not allow pets. Like the place we live now. No pets allowed.


Our Motel Kitty

This week, Hubby found a kitty cam that is on 24/7. It has been on pretty much all day for the past couple days. There are many cats on the cam, including 4 very new kittens. They’ve given these little ones fish names.

The mother of the new kittens is called Angel. N has decided that she is Angel. She has 4 stuffed cats. She is the Mama and her stuffed animals are the kittens (she even says that they all have fish names, but can’t remember what they are). Sometimes the rest of us are the kittens and sometimes I get to be the Mama cat and she is a kitten. That is my favorite because she cuddles.

If you are interested in this adorable cam, here is the link-


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