Adventures in Marmite

I know you may have come to expect a blog post on Wednesdays. Sometimes, life gets in the way of our expectations. This time it was sickness. Apparently, it was my turn to roll a natural 1 on my Constitution check.

I would like to talk you about Marmite. I mentioned it in an earlier post. I talked about our initial test taste and that I had heard that Brits use it like peanut butter. It’s nothing like peanut butter. 20170303_145352

In fairness, I don’t think they mean it’s their peanut butter like it tastes similar, but that it is a spread they put on toast. How many of you put peanut butter on toast? We do. With butter. With honey. With butter and honey. With jelly. With chocolate…mmmmm….

um, sorry, back to Marmite.

We had heard that a common way to eat it to put it on toast with butter. We had some muffins (aka English muffins), so we decided to try it on them with some butter. Why? Why do people eat this? That was our reaction. Not good. It tasted like a pot full of salt mixed with goo. Like gooey salt. Fishy gooey salt.

Marmite is a beer by-product. It is made from yeast extract. Even sounds gross, huh? But apparently it has many vitamins and is actually healthy.

Well, we had this pot of Marmite and we definitely weren’t going to put on toast or muffins again. So, what were we going to do with it? I looked up the website and found some recipes that involved mixing it in with other stuff, instead of using it as a spread. So we decided to try some out.

We made pasta, mushrooms, an omelette, a bagel, and chicken. I ended up putting it in pasta the most, because you really can’t taste it at all. You add it to the sauce. I have only added it to a tomato sauce, because that is what it suggests.

With the mushrooms, you just mix it in the mushrooms with butter and pepper. We really couldn’t taste it, but we had added them on top a burger.

With the omelette, it added something to it, maybe a saltiness, but I couldn’t tell it was Marmite. You just add it to the eggs with cheese and tomatoes (or anything else you would like).

The bagel was a bagel “pizza.” It was Marmite spread on the bagel with ketchup and cheese and you put it in the oven for a bit. This you could taste. No doubt about it. It’s like eating a ketchup and anchovy pizza. OK, anchovies may be worse.

The last thing we tried was Marmite chicken. You marinate the chicken in Marmite and honey. You could taste it, but it wasn’t too bad. It just added a bit a flavor. I would probably have the chicken again, but not the bagel. My favorites are the pasta and the omelette.

I didn’t think to get a picture of everything, but I did get a picture of my least favorite. 20170223_113922

Here is the website with recipes, if you are interested

Next week, maybe crumpets vs mufffins vs…muffins.







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