“Wow mom, you finally made a dinner I really like.” She said that me. She actually said that to me. By the way, I’ve made the same dinner before.

I’ve read tons of articles on how to handle picky eaters. They give advice like introduce new foods with other foods, and the try one bite rule, and say these magic words, and whatever you do don’t use the one bite rule, and let them have dessert no matter what. I’m sure we haven’t tried everything, but we have tried a lot.

I am not sure I have come to any actual conclusions yet, but I think that it’s a phase, if you will. Or part of growing up. She goes back and forth with things she likes and doesn’t like. She used to like broccoli, now she won’t touch it (which I blame on Inside Out *shakes fist in anger at Disgust*). She used to like hamburgers, then she didn’t, now she does. It goes on and on. I think she will just start to like more and more foods as she gets older. But right now it’s hard. I don’t want to make multiple things for dinner. Most of the time I try to make multiple variations of things with the same ingredients. Even that gets exhausting.

Her sister has already started the same things. Hers has become day to day. We made broccoli and she seemed to love it, a couple days later she wouldn’t touch it.

Hubby and I used to have kind of a rotating list of meals we would make. Now, I don’t think our kids will eat any of them.

Kids really do change everything. People think you start to eat more unhealthily once you get married. You add on that marriage weight like it’s the freshmen 15. I disagree. When your kids will only eat chicken nuggets, that’s when you are gaining weight. When you are eating a whole tub of ice cream after dinner because getting your kids to eat was such an ordeal (OK, OK, I haven’t gone that far. …yet). That’s when you are gaining weight. It’s kid weight.


4 thoughts on “Finally

  1. The pickiest eater I have ever known was Uncle Bill. He literally lived on bologna and cheese sandwiches when he was a kid. Maybe some PB&J. No vegetables. Mashed potatoes and mac & cheese were OK.
    Jeremy would probably agree that he was pretty picky also — so maybe N inherited picky eater genes. And Jeremy’s tastes have certainly changed as he has grown older. If you had told me he would eat sushi when he grew up, I would have laughed.
    I sometimes made dinners just for them. While I am sure I was not consistent, I tried to include something that I knew they would eat. Sometimes I even had a menu so they knew what to expect for lunch and dinner. Of course, I would also occasionally go a little crazy and cook international food. Or in Washington State, we were part of a health food co-op. That had some interesting results. The camping trip to Grand Coulee will always be remembered – and not too fondly – for turkey hot dogs cooked in soda.
    I am quite certain we had battles over food. I had read somewhere that if they did not finish their dinner, put it in the fridge and make them eat it for the next meal. That definitely did NOT work.
    I think I am thankful that the boys do not have any allergies that prohibit eating certain foods.


  2. It will change again, do you remember when JP would only eat pb&j? Look at him now. I would stick with the try one bite thing if they have not tried it before but if they just don’t like it leave it alone. They will come around special if they see you guys enjoying the meals they don’t like.


  3. Based on what I recall of my own childhood my dislike was generally an irrational reaction to some nuance of food I saw or thought I saw going on with the food. For instance, I wouldn’t eat anything re- heated in a microwave for ages, and even nowadays I steer clear of tupperware use for the most part. It doesn’t make sense, but I know it’s beacause one time something was bad after re- heating in a microwave and that link just hard wired in that “Microwave Leftovers=Bleh” So I would agree that it’s just something they’ll have to get over themselves. You could ask my brother about his staunch aversion to any pizza with sauce for years.


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