Saving Time

Our Daylight Savings is two weeks after it is in the US, so we just had ours this past Sunday. It was also Mothering Day. That’s cruel you guys.

I thought I would try to go to bed early a couple days before, to try to prepare. With kids, there is no way to tell what they are going to do. They could get up early, late, same time, same time different hour. I think the outcome for us tends to be early. So, I was trying to be prepared. What I wasn’t prepared for was a child who didn’t want to sleep that night. M decided to wake up around 3am. Maybe earlier. And she did not go back to sleep until after 6. I got up with her part of the time. Hubby got up with her part of the time. But I was awake the whole time she was. Yay, preparation!

So, Sunday morning came and the girls slept it. They slept in! Til 9, but still. That is unheard of.

As it was a nice warmer-than-usual day, we decided to go to Toddler’s Cove later that day. The girl’s enjoyed it. The ducks and other birds were out and about.

It is supposed to be even warmer all week. Maybe we will have more adventures to talk about next week.


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