April’s Garden

One day we were all in the garden, aka the back yard. OK, wait, let’s back up. Here your yard is called your garden. No matter what it looks like, if it has flowers, stones, grass, pavement. Garden, all of it. So-

One day we were all in the garden and realised there was a bit of actual dirt. Just to remind you what our garden looks like- it is not grassy. It is stone. All stone. Big stone slabs for a walk way. and small stones on either side of the walkway. But we realised that up against the fence in the back, it is actual dirt. I say actual dirt because under the rocks there is a fabric covering.



This bit here. You can see where the bricks separate the rocks from the dirt bit. 

So we thought maybe we could plant a little garden in our garden. Hubby and I are not gardeners. We can’t even keep house plants. But we thought it might be fun for the girls. N was very excited to pick out seeds. We found no fruit seeds and the veggie seeds would all take up too much room for what little space we have. So she picked out a few flowers.

Both girls are excited about watering. I don’t think we have missed a day of watering since we started.

We will see what happens.

In other news, we decided to pull an April Fools on N. M isn’t quite old enough to understand, but we thought it could be fun for N. For those of you who know N, you know she doesn’t like potatoes. She didn’t even like them when she was a baby. She will occasionally eat chips and most definitely crisps, but anything else to do with potato is a no go. So, we decided to do something with potatoes. Or more accurately, the threat of potatoes. I don’t think having something that looks sweet but is actually not is a fun thing for kids. So I wanted to reverse that – to make it look like mashed potatoes, but then it is actually something sweet. We thought of ice cream at first, but then we decided cheesecake would be easier to make it look like the real deal.

So we got a vanilla cheesecake and I scooped it out sans crust. I mashed it a bit and put a crater in the middle for gravy. Chocolate sauce gravy, that is. When she was almost done with her dinner I told her that I forgot part of dinner. I put it on her plate and she just looked at it. She asked what it was and we told her mashed potatoes. She was like, I don’t want this guys, you know I don’t like it. We told her that she hadn’t had mashed potatoes in a while, so maybe she might like it now. We also told her that it was part of her dinner, so she had to at least try it.


She wanted no part of. She would not even take a bite – even though she said it looked like ice cream. At one point I told her to just stick her finger in it and taste it. If she didn’t like that tiny taste she didn’t have to eat it. She finally stuck her finger in the “gravy” – which she said smelled kind of like chocolate. She didn’t seem to know what to think for a minute. Then she still didn’t really want to taste the “potatoes,” but she stuck her finger in that too. She then decided it was good. I think she was confused. But once we explained it to her she seemed to think it was funny – and she gobbled up her potatoes.

M, of course, doesn’t understand April Fool’s, but she enjoyed the cheesecake.




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