Getting Organized

Lately I have been trying to get organised for N’s next school year. The curriculum we are using gets significantly more involved than this past year was. It has been overwhelming. I am not sure I want to use some of the material for a couple of the subjects, so I have been trying to find other things. It’s been difficult. I needed to do some research because grade levels are different here than they are in the US.

N is going to be going into first grade according to levels in the US. But here, she is in Key Stage 1 and Year 2. Here, they have Key Stages which include a certain number of years in them. So in Key Stage 1 (Infant/Primary School), there are Years 1 and 2. Year 1 is what Kindergarten would be and Year 2 is what first grade would be. Key Stage 2 includes the rest of what the US considers Elementary, but here is called Junior/Primary School. Key Stage 3 includes what would be Middle School and High School, but here it is called Secondary School.

Another difference is that you’re only required to attend school until the age of 16. After that, you can choose another form of education before you graduate Secondary School if you want. That can include an internship or volunteer work. If I have this info correct, I think this is a nice idea. It gives the students the ability to try somethings out they may be interested in, that isn’t just core subjects.

Something else I discovered in my research: school is in session from the beginning of September to almost the end of July. This seems like a lot. The students only get 1 month off. However, they do get more Holidays. They get a week off in October, February, and May. They get two weeks off from December to January. And they get two weeks off in April. It also seems that the school day doesn’t start til almost 9 in the morning as opposed to 8 or earlier.

Now for N’s schooling. I think I mentioned the curriculum we use. It is all online. But for some things, you have the option of getting physical books. They are pretty inexpensive and I have found I can get them from, which was very helpful. They even got here much sooner than anticipated. I’ve printed out some planning sheets to help me plan the subjects that I don’t have books for. And I am even trying to be more organised in general.

Some parts are exciting to work on, some are not. But we will have to wait to see how N feels about it all.


One thought on “Getting Organized

  1. From what I understand, America is the odd one out in our Summer long school breaks. I personally think the one month idea would work better, since I think our long summer break has to do with an obsolete agricultural heritage as even the English break seems to coincide with Harvest time. But I’m biased because that’s how Japan does things and, aside from cramming kanji down poor childrens throats, I tend to think they have a fantastic education system.


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