This past Sunday was our first Easter in England. Easter doesn’t seem much different here. But one thing I did notice is the lack of plastic eggs for sale. It took me awhile, but I found two stores that had one type of plastic eggs. I remember going to Target last year and finding more than 5 different types of plastic eggs. Different colors, big ones, small ones, gigantic ones, shiny ones, etc. Instead, they have chocolate eggs. Just wrapped chocolate eggs. Usually hollow, I think. At least the ones we got were. They have ones with characters, like the one we got that had character cut outs on the box. They have ginormous ones, kinda big ones, and regular size. At least that’s what I saw. Small didn’t really seem to be an option, but I could have just missed those.

The week before Easter, City Centre had an egg hunt everyday. It was a little different than we were expecting. We had the girls bring their egg baskets, thinking they’d be looking for and collecting eggs. Instead, they had a fun little Easter-springtime scene set up in a tent, with lots of rabbits, flowers, and eggs scattered everywhere. The kids had to look all around the place and find some barely-hidden, large golden eggs, count them all up, and tell the people working the front how many there were. The girls had lots of fun running around on the fake grass and looking for the eggs.

On Easter, we went to church. It was a family service, so they had a game for the kids. An egg spoon race. N participated, she said she dropped the egg, but it didn’t look like it to us. She was very excited that she got a chocolate egg from it.

After church we had lunch and then rest time. During rest time hubby and I hid the chocolate eggs.

N was the most excited because she knew what was going on. But towards the end M may have been the most excited.

She had this bucket of  “chocrite” eggs. We let them have one. I think M thought she was going to have all of them. She kept a strong hold on the bucket. She kept trying to pick up another egg and open it. Finally I told her that I needed to take the bucket and she could have another one after dinner. She screamed and cried. She eventually calmed down and was very happy to have another one after dinner.

We, of course, had a traditional Easter dinner of scrambled eggs and ham.

How was your Easter?


4 thoughts on “Easter

  1. All chocolate eggs?! Yummy! Emmy was definitely the child that opens each egg as she finds it and stuffs the candy in her mouth. She also discovered Peeps this year 😉 My sister-in-law stuffed all her eggs with oriental trading company trinkets – yes!

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  2. Well that is certainly a good deal more exciting than what we did in Pittsburgh. Although we did learn that back in the ’40s and ’50s you apparently didn’t need a legal name on your birth certificate until you were 18 and trying to get Social Security and a job.


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