Visiting With Family

Hubby’s Aunt and Uncle came to visit this past week. We were glad to show them around a bit. Unfortunately, it really was only a bit – they were only in Canterbury for the afternoon. But we were glad for the time we had to see them.

We met them at their hotel. Well, really I met them across the street from their hotel as I was trying to see if I could get service on my phone to check their bus route. I was having no luck. But then I saw them. Yay!

They got settled into their hotel. The girls were both very excited to see them and to run around their hotel room. Then we walked to our house. We walked along the river, showing them a few things we liked about Canterbury.

We got to our house and N excitedly gave them a tour. The girls had fun playing with cards.


Then we decided to go get some dinner. We went to a pub on Wincheap that we hadn’t been to yet. We found a perfect table, sat down and ordered drinks. We got N a water, which she was very unhappy about. But it turned out to be a sparkling water, which brought her happiness. We asked for a menu and found out that something was broken, so they couldn’t prepare most of their food. However, if we could wait they could make stone oven pizza. We decided to go for it. N loved it. I’m pretty sure this is now her favorite place to eat. They had no problem making her a sauceless pizza. More happiness.

After we ate, we walked the rest of Wincheap and headed back toward the hotel. Unfortunately, that was the end of their visit. I hope they had as much fun as we did. If you ever find yourself passing through Canterbury, let us know – we’ll show you around too!




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