Family Times

This week we got to spend time with family, try new restaurants, and see new places. It has been busy, stressful, and fun. Family got here last Thursday. The first couple days was pretty chill. Jag lag is a beast, y'all. Once Saturday came we started venturing out with ballet and fish n chips. We … Continue reading Family Times


Look For Family Times

We have been pretty busy, as we have family visiting. So I haven't been able to get all of the goings on together yet. More throw up and fun outings are involved. Here is a picture sneak peak -  


As we are getting the girls to bed, I am realizing it is 10pm and it's just getting dark. It's weird. If you aren't caught up on what has happened so far, see pt. 1 We woke up the next morning, feeling better. We had made it to Fort Augustus, Scotland. The beautiful place … Continue reading Scotland


We had to make a trip to campus for school business and to get M updated on her shots. M did pretty well with her shot. She kind of had a delayed reaction and cried for a couple minutes and then walked out waving bye bye. N was very happy to see (and name) many … Continue reading Outing