Bye Bye Tooth

N has had a loose tooth for a few weeks. The left of the top middle pair. A few days ago she actually asked if we could pull it out. We told her that wasn’t a good idea and we should just let it come out on it’s own. On Monday, she was sitting on our bed watching a show. She got excited and did kinda a squat jump. She ended up popping her mouth with her knee. It really hurt. She was pretty upset. Her tooth did not come out. But the right of the top middle came loose. It is really loose.

Later that day, after dinner, we were in the living room and the girls were playing and running around. All the sudden N says, “It came out!” The left one, that is. She was very excited.

N lost her two bottom middle teeth before we moved. When she lost them everyone asked her if she got a visit from the tooth fairy. She just looked at them. The tooth fairy wasn’t something we had really talked about. When people started asking her, we explained it to her. She didn’t seem to care either way.

This time was different.

She kept talking about the tooth fairy and how she would put her tooth under her pillow when it came out. One day we were talking about how the tooth fairy isn’t real. She said she still wanted us to pretend. Monday night we put a one pound coin under her pillow (surprisingly without waking her up). She was pretty excited.

I will be surprised if she doesn’t loose the other tooth by next week.


One thought on “Bye Bye Tooth

  1. Believe it or not, N’s great aunt, Joanne, just lost her final baby tooth a few months ago. It lasted a looong time. The tooth fairy forgot how to find our house, so the tooth is still at the house.


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