We had to make a trip to campus for school business and to get M updated on her shots. M did pretty well with her shot. She kind of had a delayed reaction and cried for a couple minutes and then walked out waving bye bye.

N was very happy to see (and name) many bunnies around campus. She was also happy to do a lot of running all around.

After we wrapped up our stuff on campus, we headed back to City Centre for dinner. We decided to eat at a place we’d been wanting to try for awhile. It is called Gourmet Burger Kitchen. It definitely has more American-style burgers. They have many different special burgers with names like Kiwiburger, The Don, and Bruce Leek. They also have a few even more special burgers like the Psychobilly. We just decided to try the classic cheese burger. We were going to try their onion rings, but they didn’t have any. M had a cheese burger as well, but didn’t like it. She did like N’s corn on the cob, the bread, and the skinny fries. N had a chicken sandwich, took off the bread and loved it. She also loved her Oreo milkshake. Milkshakes here are hard to come by. At least good American style milkshakes. GBK has them. They have really good lemonade too. Sorry, I forgot about pictures of the food – we ate it too quickly. But I got some of the girls coloring.


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