Where it All Went Wrong

We headed to Scotland this week. We headed out way too early. But we had a nice walk along the river.

We get on a train in Canterbury. It takes us to London – and King’s Cross Station.


Then we got on another train to Edinburgh. Four hours later we got on another one to Inverness. That one lasted 3 and a half hours. At Inverness, we got on a bus to take us to the southern end of Loch Ness. That’s where it all went wrong.

It’s beautiful out the window.  Green. Mountains. Cliffs. Interesting houses. M is not liking her seatbelt that the busses have. But we think it’s important. We give her a phone with games. She is still upset. We give her juice. She is all better. But not for long. She is just so very upset. So I pick her up. She is very sweaty and she is just crying and crying. We give her Mimi, her bedtime cat. She is calm for a bit. Then she statrs to cry again. She throws up. I wasn’t completely surprised, but still covered in puke. Hubby comes to help by taking M. We are still on the bus. He calms her, she crys, he calms her, she crys. She throws up again. This time it was more than last time. We are worried. Oh! Our stop. We rush off, puke on everything. Trying to carry it and M and get N. And get the stroller from the undercarriage. Then we rush off to find the place we are staying. Thankfully, it’s not too far. The guy who let us in is explaining everything to two puke covered people. M is asleep. Charlie, the guy, explains that there is a washing machine in our room. Hallelujah! We wake M because we thought she pooped, but she hadn’t. Oops. We give her a bath and get her cozy on the couch with sissy. Hubby goes to find food and more wipes.

Holy cow, this place is amazing, but how do you pay attention to that when your kid puked. And it’s on everything you currently have.

Part two coming soon. It gets better.


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