As we are getting the girls to bed, I am realizing it is 10pm and it’s just getting dark. It’s weird.

If you aren’t caught up on what has happened so far, see pt. 1
We woke up the next morning, feeling better. We had made it to Fort Augustus, Scotland. The beautiful place we were staying, that I could now take in, was St. Benedict’s Abbey. We had breakfast – some pastries we’d brought with us – and went for a walk. We went to a nearby gift shop, The Millhouse. Then we walked along the water to the Loch. It is a beautiful view.

We decided against the boat tour because we were told it was pretty cold and weren’t sure how much the girls would enjoy an hour-long info tour.

We went to the playground at the Abbey and then went to eat lunch at the Boathouse restaurant. Then we went back to our room. Our room is a two bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms, a lounge, and a kitchen. I hadn’t expected it to be so big. It is a great place. It’s a self-catering facility, so we had to provide all our own food, and if we had been staying longer, other things like laundry detergent and dish soap, but they had a few free-sample-sized items to use, and since we were only staying two nights, that was perfect.

After we rested a bit, we went to walk around the lock. Which is opposite the loch – it was part of one of the rivers that fed into the loch from the south.

M fell asleep. We went back to the Abbey and N made some friends on the playground.

Then M woke up and we decided to explore the Abbey.

We found the big chess board and the lounge. We hung out in the lounge where we found wifi.

Then we went to eat dinner at the same place we had lunch. Haggis neeps and tatties. Yum. Lamb shish kabobs, which are not on a stick, but oh so yummy. M had cheesy pasta which she was uninterested in. But she liked her baked beans and my tortilla. N had chicken nuggets again. Hubby had salmon. I would definitely suggest the Boathouse for dinner over lunch. They even have Loch Ness beer. After dinner we went back to our room in hopes of an earlier bedtime, to get ready for tomorrow. No dice. The night before, N stayed in her bed. Tonight N was in our bed, pushing me off and putting limbs in my face. But M seemed to sleep well, so that was a good thing. We woke up and took our time getting ready to go.

When we got on the bus to go back, the bus driver asked if M was feeling better. Yup, same bus driver. M was pretty upset on the bus again. She said it was too wobbly. The bus driver had stopped at one point and came back to tell us that it would be better for her if we moved to the middle of the bus (we were at the back as there were no other seats when we got on). M did not throw up this time. The bus driver gave each girl a pound coin for being so good. Then it was time for the three trains.

We ended up having to wait two hours for our first train. After getting on and heading out, they came by to check tickets. Guess what? We were on the wrong train. We were supposed to be on Virgin Rails train and we were on a Scottrail train. Buying tickets online is confusing. Thankfully, the guy checking the tickets said this time we would be OK. Just so we are aware for future. How awesome! Thank you ticket guy. We will definitely double check next time.

We missed the second train, but thankfully we had anytime tickets, so we just had to catch the next one that came in 30 minutes. We got to the third train without incident. We finally got to the Canterbury station after 11pm. We were so happy to be walking home. When we finally stumbled in, we all happily collapsed into bed.

I will try to post more pictures at a later time. I have many.



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