Family Times

This week we got to spend time with family, try new restaurants, and see new places. It has been busy, stressful, and fun.

Family got here last Thursday. The first couple days was pretty chill. Jag lag is a beast, y’all. Once Saturday came we started venturing out with ballet and fish n chips.

We tried a couple pubs. The Dolphin – which has THE BEST steak in Canterbury –  and The Foundry. We also tried Byron. They have some yummy milkshakes, American style burgers, and courgette (zucchini) fries.

We went to Dover Castle on Monday. It was much bigger and more together than our Canterbury Castle. There was a lot of space, that the girls were happy to run around in.


There was an old church. It was pretty. It was attached to lighthouse, that had been there long before the church was there – almost 2000 years.

The church was full of stained glass windows.


The castle had many tunnels. They were built as barracks during the time of Napoleon and then more were added a few time for different reasons, especially during WW2. We couldn’t take pictures inside.


On Tuesday everyone but M and I (we didn’t sleep well because M wasn’t feeling good) went to the white cliffs and to Margate. After the fact, we were glad M didn’t go to the cliffs. It was a long, difficult hike, and the path went pretty close to the edge a few times. On the bright side, at the end of the trail, there was a light house with a really nice tea room attached. N wanted to show everyone Dreamland in Margate. Well, the part we are familiar with-Octopus Garden, the indoor play area we took N to for her birthday last year.

On Wednesday we went to Stonehenge in Amesbury. It was about a 3 hour drive. They have all kinds of things set up near Stonehenge. There is a visitors center, which has a cafe, museum, gift shop, and reproductions of neolithic houses.

On our way home, M got sick again. We were in the sun for a while, so we think that may have been why. We weren’t on a bus this time, but in a car. And thankfully, we were very close to home.

Family went to check out London on Thursday. And Hubby had work. So the girls and I just hung out, not in the sun.

Friday we – FINALLY – went to the Cathedral here in Canterbury. It is beautiful. I thought the stained glass in the church at Dover Castle was pretty. The Cathedral had even more.

Saturday, N wasn’t feeling good. So there was no ballet. But everyone else went to The Foundry for dinner. We had some sibling time later that night too. Hubby’s brothers and I all played a game.

Family had to head home today. The airline has been having some problems, so we were a little worried. But things seem to be going well so far. We were glad we got to share our home with family!


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