Greetings from… Delaware?

Hi everybody! I’m actually writing this on Monday evening, sitting here in Canterbury still. But by the time you’re reading this, the Closs family will be stateside once again! Yep, we’re livin’ in Delaware now!

Sorry for the late notice. We wanted to surprise family when we show up at the airport. Hopefully we’ve managed to keep the secret!

But wait Jeremy, you may be thinking, what about your PhD? Wellllllll- Without going into a whole lot of detail, essentially, I’m not built to be a researcher. I like academics, I love biblical studies, but when it comes to dedicating all my energies into a single project like a dissertation, the spark just isn’t there for me. So, rather than continuing to burn myself out doing something I had no passion for, I’m calling that avenue quits and looking to put my Master’s to work, getting a job someplace. The job part is still on hold, but for now, we’ll be in Delaware for at least a bit.

We’ve loved our time in Canterbury. We met lots of very cool people, saw tons of beautiful things, and enjoyed a bunch of tasty, tasty food. N says the #1 thing she’ll miss when we move back to the States is bakewell tarts. We’ve consoled her by saying that we’ll try and bake our own once we settle in, so, stay tuned for that.

If you’re one of our stateside friends, let us know if you’ll be in or around Delaware – we’d love to meet up with folks!

More on our adventure as it progresses. Until then, we’ll be sleeping off our jet lag.


3 thoughts on “Greetings from… Delaware?

  1. That’s a huge surprise! I was literally telling Chris last night how much I miss you guys! Glad you are a little closer 🙂 sry to hear about school, but it was an adventure and a great chapter in your book!

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