Kent to Kent

I would just like to point out that we moved from Canterbury, Kent to Dover in Kent County. We are nothing if not consistent.

We have been settling in to our new place in Dover, Delaware. We have a grocery store, a library, a good pizza place, and a donut place close to us. There are also places I remember from when I lived near here, years ago.  The apartment is still looking a bit bare. We still don’t have anything in our living room but an ottoman, but since this is a temporary situation, we are OK with that for now.

We successfully surprised my mom. She got to the airport with my dad, thinking they were picking up someone for dad’s work. So she saw us and starting getting out of the car before it came to a complete stop, that’s how excited she was. So we have been excited see family. Especially since most of my family had not met M yet. We are making the rounds.

There are some things we are happy to have now that we are back in the States. Like a car, boxed mac and cheese, good donuts. N has decided she may like cheese again, but not cheese sticks.

M has kind of started potty training. She goes whenever she asks, we don’t really have a schedule right now. She has actually gone almost every time when she says she has to. That is pretty amazing to us.

Some blog business-

Should I keep doing the blog? I originally started it because we were in England. If I should keep doing the blog, should I change the name since we are not in Canterbury? I won’t have not-in-America stuff to talk about and mention. What do you want to read?


6 thoughts on “Kent to Kent

  1. I think you should keep the blog going at least for a while longer. I enjoy reading about how your family is doing and what the girls enjoy doing. I’ve never been to Delaware so I would like to know what it’s like living there as well. We miss you all a lot!


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