Missing Kent

Canterbury. Missing Canterbury, Kent, UK. We are still in Kent County, Delaware. I remember mentioning some things we would miss when we left for Canterbury. So I thought I would mention somethings we miss about Canterbury.

Let’s start off with food. The girls still ask for bakewell tarts and flapjacks.

There are different varieties of bakewell tarts, but the kind the girls are familiar with are the cherry bakewells – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bakewell_tart

Flapjacks. These are like granola bars/cereal bars, but better – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flapjack_(oat_bar)

I will probably try to make one or both of these at some point, so we will see how that goes.

Vanilla. In Canterbury, I found vanilla bean paste instead of vanilla extract. This stuff is awesome. It’s like extract, but a little thicker and has vanilla bean seeds in it. This will explain a bit more and give some pictures (though, mine didn’t look like that. It was smaller, but I did see actual tubes of it) – http://thepioneerwoman.com/food-and-friends/vanilla-bean-paste-101/  I’m sure you can find this in a store here, somewhere. I have just never seen it.

Don Juan’s. This was probably our favorite place to eat. It was a little place in Dane John park (which will also be missed). We liked their hamburgers, empanadas, and mint lemonade. I think I have mentioned this place in previous blog posts.DSC_0159

Moving on from food, we will also miss the ability to travel around Europe. Hopefully we will do that in the future, but it is easier to travel around Europe when you actually live there.

We will also miss the history. Just being around so much that is so old. I mean, remember these?

I don’t know about Hubby, but the girls and I will miss walking everywhere. I know, this is weird. It’s more weird when I say that I also don’t miss it. I think it is easier to walk there, because of the street crossings and footpaths. There are sidewalks and crosswalks here. But in Canterbury there are footpaths everywhere. Plus sidewalks. And better crosswalks, I think. The city was designed to be pedestrian-friendly.

One thing that Hubby will miss is his DnD group. Yes, he can probably start another one (and was in one when we lived in Texas). But this was his first time being the DM, and he enjoyed having a time with friends every week. I wasn’t involved with it, but based on his group, I am going to say that they are going to miss him too.

Like Dane John, there is another park we will miss. Toddler’s Cove. It was a great playground area along the river and had some great equipment. The girls loved it.

The last thing we will miss is the healthcare. It was free. We had to take M to the doctor and the hospital so many times after we got there. It was nice that we did not have to worry about the financial side of that. It also wasn’t as time consuming as we had heard it to be. We didn’t have long waits at the doctor’s. Nor did we have long waits til we could get an appointment. For any of us. I’m not sure why this is shunned here. I know, I know it’s not completely free. Tax payer dollars. Sorry, I would rather tax payer dollars be spent keeping everyone healthy than tax payer dollars going to bigger and better bombs. Just saying. Whoa! Danielle is getting political. Just a little.

Last, I would like to give a shout out to Alyssa and Taylor, who we miss and were very helpful while we were there. Also, to Diane and Jay who helped us when we were moving out. And to Andrew who had to deal with what had to be a stressful situation. Thank you all!


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