BBQ food was something we didn’t get much of in Canterbury. I didn’t mind too much, and I don’t think the girls did either. But Hubby is a fan of it. So once we moved back he wanted some. We have tried two places so far.

The first one we went to, not too long after we got here, was Where Pigs Fly. This is a Delaware-only restaurant. In fact, I think it is a one location restaurant. I have been to Where Pigs Fly before. One thing we are always eager to see when we go to a place to eat is the kids menu, so we were happy when they brought the girls coloring pages and crayons. Now, they have a side that I (and I think many others) enjoy: Broccoli salad. I know other people make it, but I think this is where I was introduced to it. But I wasn’t in the mood for bbq, so I didn’t end up getting anything that I could have it with. I just got a salad this time. Hubby got ribs, that he said were tangy. He enjoyed them, but maybe not as much as Bodacious (a Texas bbq place). N had mac and cheese that she loved (much like Red Hot and Blue, which is a multi-state bbq place). M had a side plate with a little bit of a few different things she likes, such as baked beans. She wouldn’t eat any of it. I don’t think she even took a bite of anything.

The second place we have tried so far is Mission BBQ. This bbq place is found in other states like Florida, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia, etc. Mission’s mission is to serve those who serve the country, including specifically hiring veterans, fundraising and service projects. That part was pretty cool, but otherwise, I was not a fan of this place. I got a pulled pork sandwich. It was super greasy and pretty fatty. It did come with cole slaw that wasn’t bad. I also got green beans. They were good, but spicy. Hubby had the brisket and he liked it well enough. The roles were reversed with the girls. N did not like her mac and cheese at all. But she did try it. So she ate almost nothing. M had beans and mac and cheese and seemed to like them both, but mostly the beans. Their baked beans have a bit of what seems like brisket in them. She wasn’t a fan of that part.

Those are our adventures in bbq, so far. What is your favorite bbq?


3 thoughts on “BBQ

    • Oh yes! Dixie Bones is awesome. They have a really different type of BBQ – more Carolina-ish than Texas, I think. Their stuffed potatoes are simply amazing.


  1. Hutchins, here in McKinney. Also only local – though they did recently open a smaller restaurant over in Frisco. It is a lot like Bodacious, I think. And they also have amazing fried catfish and excellent broccoli salad.

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