Time With Family

I wasn’t a fan of this time of transition. Not knowing what we are going to do is never an easy thing for me. And knowing that we are (probably) going to have to move again, is not my favorite. It is a big possibility that we won’t have to get rid of pretty much all we own this time, like the past two times. So that is encouraging. Though, living in England was wonderful and I do hope to go back.

I am a fan of being near family that I haven’t spent time with for over 8 years. Well, time longer than a few days, since we have come to visit a few times in those 8 years.

My mom has been a fan of watching the girls. We have been over there quite a few times. The girls have been happy to see her, my dad, brother, and their cats.

We seen other family as well. Much fun has been had so far. We are thankful for this time.

*Piper is actually a she*

Something else we are a fan of is Rita’s Italian Ice and Custard. I know, that’s not just a Delaware thing. It’s in Texas too. But it wasn’t close enough to us in Texas to go very often. Actually, I don’t know if we ever went, maybe once. But the girls didn’t. So we introduced them to Rita’s. They were a big fan.

They have some things I don’t remember them having before. Like milkshakes, bandinis (like a DQ  Blizzard), toppings, ice flights, and new flavors of custard (banana and strawberry). Yum!

Do you have any family traditions? What are they?



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