Kiwi Box

We decided to get N a subscription to something called a Kiwi Box. It is by KiwiCo.

They do monthly boxes for 5 different age groups: Cricket, Koala, Kiwi, Doodle and Tinker. We decided not to get M one yet because she is too old for her aged box, but we don’t think she is quite ready for the next box up.

The Kiwi Box come once a month and has about three different activities in it. It comes with a booklet of all the activities and instructions and then another booklet with further activities and information.

This is from the second box N has received so far. It was about the body. The activities included making stuffed organs, making an x-ray, and making a stethoscope.

The organs were pretty easy to do. Everything was cut out already. The string was like a shoe lace, so there was no need for a needle-like object. I thought putting a face on the organs was odd, but I liked that they also included a poster of the body with organs to place the ones we made on it. The poster also had a body with muscles, and a separate one with bones, blood flow, and digestion.

The x-ray was pretty cool. There is a transparent film that you put sticker bones on and put that over a sheet of glow-in-the-dark material. You put that in the sun or under a light for a certain amount of time. Then you peel off the film with the bone sticker and take the glow in the dark paper to a dark room. You can see what looks like a shadow of the bones. The stethoscope was pretty easy to put together and it works. N liked going around listening to everybody’s heartbeat.

N seems to enjoy it so far. It’s a fun, interactive way to help her learn.

Are there any subscriptions you get that you enjoy?


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