End of an Era

Mimi is out, you guys. OK, let me start from the beginning. When N was about 2 months old, she got a little stuffed puppy. This puppy eventually became her must-have bedtime companion. To this day, N still has to have this puppy when she sleeps. Before we knew she was M, she was called … Continue reading End of an Era



The other night, I wake up hearing meowing. Lots of meowing. Sia is not a meower. So this worried me. I get up and search the house for her. She must be stuck somewhere. I don't find her, so I come back upstairs. There she is, walking out of our room. Hmm. For the past … Continue reading Meow


Last week was a little crazy, because it was Christmas! Christmas music, Christmas cookies, Christmas lights, Christmas cookies, Christmas plays, Christmas cookies, Christmas presents, Christmas cookies...That's right, we did the Advent cookies again this year. If you don't remember, maybe this will help. It was a lot of work last year. This year I thought we would … Continue reading Christmas