I’m Scary

When M is scared, she says, “I’m scary”. N has started using this phrase too. She usually says it to be funny or when she is a tiny bit scared.

Lately, N has be scared of floods.


Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

So whenever it rains, she gets really upset. She asks if it is going to flood, and when we tell her it isn’t, she asks how we know it isn’t going to.

We think we know what made her scared of floods. We think it probably came from a Sunday School lesson about Noah. We tried to explain what that story is about, and how it wasn’t going to flood here.

She was also recently scared of swallowing a loose tooth while she slept. Again, we tried to let her know how unlikely that, and that even if she did, it wouldn’t hurt her. It was surprising that she was so scared of swallowing this loose tooth when she has had at least 4 she has lost in the past, without swallowing it.

I think knowing why kids are scared of something does help a little when we try to help them. It took us a while to realize that Noah was the root of N’s flood fears, but we think it was worth it. Knowing why N was scared of flooding gave us a bit to work with. The next time it rained, she was a little scared, but she was also able to say, “I know it’s not going to flood.”

The tooth was harder. We don’t know why she was scared of swallowing it. But thankfully, she ended up losing it before she fell asleep. Helping kids who are scared is tough. Ultimately, though, I think the important thing is not making them not afraid anymore, but helping them know that whatever does happen, there are people around them who love them and will be there for them, no matter how scary things get.

Time With Family

I wasn’t a fan of this time of transition. Not knowing what we are going to do is never an easy thing for me. And knowing that we are (probably) going to have to move again, is not my favorite. It is a big possibility that we won’t have to get rid of pretty much all we own this time, like the past two times. So that is encouraging. Though, living in England was wonderful and I do hope to go back.

I am a fan of being near family that I haven’t spent time with for over 8 years. Well, time longer than a few days, since we have come to visit a few times in those 8 years.

My mom has been a fan of watching the girls. We have been over there quite a few times. The girls have been happy to see her, my dad, brother, and their cats.

We seen other family as well. Much fun has been had so far. We are thankful for this time.

*Piper is actually a she*

Something else we are a fan of is Rita’s Italian Ice and Custard. I know, that’s not just a Delaware thing. It’s in Texas too. But it wasn’t close enough to us in Texas to go very often. Actually, I don’t know if we ever went, maybe once. But the girls didn’t. So we introduced them to Rita’s. They were a big fan.

They have some things I don’t remember them having before. Like milkshakes, bandinis (like a DQ  Blizzard), toppings, ice flights, and new flavors of custard (banana and strawberry). Yum!

Do you have any family traditions? What are they?


Parenting: New Again

The year was 2012. The day was September 14th. I think it was somewhere between 10 am and 2 pm. We had just spent what seemed like weeks in the hospital waiting for this little bundle to come and then to hear that we could take her home.  Through drugs, exhaustion, infections, possible jaundice, and not having my new baby with me we were finally taking her home. We figured out how to get the car seat in the car, but now we were trying to figure out how to get this tiny baby girl in the seat. The seat just seemed to envelop her.


Four weeks later and so ready to be done with this exhaustion, we are trying to figure out when and how we could get her to sleep regularly. It took us 5 more months, but it happened.

Seven more months and we were trying to decide if we should really worry about the fact the doctor said she should be walking. OK, we weren’t really worried so much as perturbed. Doctors and nurses are wonderful, but this particular one either didn’t know what they were talking about or liked making parents worry. Our girl was perfectly fine and need no specialist. Two months later she was walking with much enthusiasm.

Nine months later we were trying to figure out how consequences and discipline are supposed to work with a two year who was getting more determined to do things her way. It took us a while and a few different things, but we came up with a system.

Six more months and we were decided if it was time for potty training and what that looked like. And should we put her in a bed. Lots of discussion, stickers, talks, a toilet seat, three switches from crib to bed, and six months later we had a semi potty trained, toddler bed sleeping kid. Kid! We had a kid. We just had this tiny baby we were trying to get into the car and now she is a kid.

In case you aren’t sure, that was N’s first three years. Six months later we were introducing her to her baby sister M.


Now, I didn’t think the second baby would necessarily be easier. But I did think we would have some kind of a better handle on things. And in some sense we do. But in other ways, we have been through this already, but it still seems like it’s all new. I found that there are some things that even though we went through them with N just 3 years ago, I can’t even remember what we did. So we are re-figuring things out.

Like potty training- we haven’t gone into full potty training mode yet, but it’s getting close to that time. We have been letting her go whenever she shows interest. And then we decided to try something thinking we did the same with N. Then we realized we didn’t do that and we couldn’t remember exactly what we did do. We decided to try putting undies underneath her pull-up. It’s supposed to help kids feel that they pee and want to get changed. HAHAHAHA! Yea, that doesn’t work with M. She cares not. We went through 5 of the 6 undies in the first day. So we aren’t doing that anymore. So yea, we have to figure out how it’s going to work.

Than there is getting M to sleep in a bed. N didn’t start to sleep in a bed consistently until she was 3. M has been out of a crib since a week or two before we moved back to the States. She had pretty much just turned 2. We had a hard time getting N to stay in her bed (heh, we still do). M pretty much begged us to let her be in a bed instead of her crib. She told us one time, “I’m not sleeping in crib no more!” She ended up sleeping in a room with her sister, which I am sure helped. But at nap time, she is in the room by herself and she lays right down and goes to sleep.

This leads me to the conclusion that no parent is an expert in anything except knowing that every kid and every situation is different. There are so many different variables, personalities, and ways to do it right.

Parents, what surprised you most with your kids?

Non-parents, what do you wish your parents knew?


This week is the Delaware State Fair. It started last Thursday and ends on Sunday. We went Monday because you could get a ticket if you brought in some canned goods to donate. Seemed like a good deal to us.

I haven’t talked about it on here, but we have been to the Texas State Fair. Texas is a big state. Delaware is a small state. You can imagine the difference in their fairs. The girls had fun regardless of size. No pineapple whip, like in TX. But that was made up for with cotton candy. Definitely not as good to me, but it was apparently just as good to N.

Here is a snippet from out time at the fair.

What is your favorite thing at the fair?


BBQ food was something we didn’t get much of in Canterbury. I didn’t mind too much, and I don’t think the girls did either. But Hubby is a fan of it. So once we moved back he wanted some. We have tried two places so far.

The first one we went to, not too long after we got here, was Where Pigs Fly. This is a Delaware-only restaurant. In fact, I think it is a one location restaurant. I have been to Where Pigs Fly before. One thing we are always eager to see when we go to a place to eat is the kids menu, so we were happy when they brought the girls coloring pages and crayons. Now, they have a side that I (and I think many others) enjoy: Broccoli salad. I know other people make it, but I think this is where I was introduced to it. But I wasn’t in the mood for bbq, so I didn’t end up getting anything that I could have it with. I just got a salad this time. Hubby got ribs, that he said were tangy. He enjoyed them, but maybe not as much as Bodacious (a Texas bbq place). N had mac and cheese that she loved (much like Red Hot and Blue, which is a multi-state bbq place). M had a side plate with a little bit of a few different things she likes, such as baked beans. She wouldn’t eat any of it. I don’t think she even took a bite of anything.

The second place we have tried so far is Mission BBQ. This bbq place is found in other states like Florida, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia, etc. Mission’s mission is to serve those who serve the country, including specifically hiring veterans, fundraising and service projects. That part was pretty cool, but otherwise, I was not a fan of this place. I got a pulled pork sandwich. It was super greasy and pretty fatty. It did come with cole slaw that wasn’t bad. I also got green beans. They were good, but spicy. Hubby had the brisket and he liked it well enough. The roles were reversed with the girls. N did not like her mac and cheese at all. But she did try it. So she ate almost nothing. M had beans and mac and cheese and seemed to like them both, but mostly the beans. Their baked beans have a bit of what seems like brisket in them. She wasn’t a fan of that part.

Those are our adventures in bbq, so far. What is your favorite bbq?

Missing Kent

Canterbury. Missing Canterbury, Kent, UK. We are still in Kent County, Delaware. I remember mentioning some things we would miss when we left for Canterbury. So I thought I would mention somethings we miss about Canterbury.

Let’s start off with food. The girls still ask for bakewell tarts and flapjacks.

There are different varieties of bakewell tarts, but the kind the girls are familiar with are the cherry bakewells – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bakewell_tart

Flapjacks. These are like granola bars/cereal bars, but better – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flapjack_(oat_bar)

I will probably try to make one or both of these at some point, so we will see how that goes.

Vanilla. In Canterbury, I found vanilla bean paste instead of vanilla extract. This stuff is awesome. It’s like extract, but a little thicker and has vanilla bean seeds in it. This will explain a bit more and give some pictures (though, mine didn’t look like that. It was smaller, but I did see actual tubes of it) – http://thepioneerwoman.com/food-and-friends/vanilla-bean-paste-101/  I’m sure you can find this in a store here, somewhere. I have just never seen it.

Don Juan’s. This was probably our favorite place to eat. It was a little place in Dane John park (which will also be missed). We liked their hamburgers, empanadas, and mint lemonade. I think I have mentioned this place in previous blog posts.DSC_0159

Moving on from food, we will also miss the ability to travel around Europe. Hopefully we will do that in the future, but it is easier to travel around Europe when you actually live there.

We will also miss the history. Just being around so much that is so old. I mean, remember these?

I don’t know about Hubby, but the girls and I will miss walking everywhere. I know, this is weird. It’s more weird when I say that I also don’t miss it. I think it is easier to walk there, because of the street crossings and footpaths. There are sidewalks and crosswalks here. But in Canterbury there are footpaths everywhere. Plus sidewalks. And better crosswalks, I think. The city was designed to be pedestrian-friendly.

One thing that Hubby will miss is his DnD group. Yes, he can probably start another one (and was in one when we lived in Texas). But this was his first time being the DM, and he enjoyed having a time with friends every week. I wasn’t involved with it, but based on his group, I am going to say that they are going to miss him too.

Like Dane John, there is another park we will miss. Toddler’s Cove. It was a great playground area along the river and had some great equipment. The girls loved it.

The last thing we will miss is the healthcare. It was free. We had to take M to the doctor and the hospital so many times after we got there. It was nice that we did not have to worry about the financial side of that. It also wasn’t as time consuming as we had heard it to be. We didn’t have long waits at the doctor’s. Nor did we have long waits til we could get an appointment. For any of us. I’m not sure why this is shunned here. I know, I know it’s not completely free. Tax payer dollars. Sorry, I would rather tax payer dollars be spent keeping everyone healthy than tax payer dollars going to bigger and better bombs. Just saying. Whoa! Danielle is getting political. Just a little.

Last, I would like to give a shout out to Alyssa and Taylor, who we miss and were very helpful while we were there. Also, to Diane and Jay who helped us when we were moving out. And to Andrew who had to deal with what had to be a stressful situation. Thank you all!


A store found only in Delaware. It is an Amish Country store. They started here in Dover and about 10 years ago expanded to a store in Harrington.

But the one in Dover is where you want to go. It has a grocery side, then it has the Stove/Gift Shoppe. They also sell playground equipment.

But the best part about Byler’s in Dover is the subs and the ice cream.

Sorry, no ice cream pictures. We didn’t get any this time, but we will.

In other news, we got the girls night lights. One for their room and one for the bathroom. They decided that they would just put them both in the bathroom. So our bathroom is super cool. Super. Cool.

The girls are very much enjoying my parent’s cat.

Yay for Byler’s, night lights, and cats!

Kent to Kent

I would just like to point out that we moved from Canterbury, Kent to Dover in Kent County. We are nothing if not consistent.

We have been settling in to our new place in Dover, Delaware. We have a grocery store, a library, a good pizza place, and a donut place close to us. There are also places I remember from when I lived near here, years ago.  The apartment is still looking a bit bare. We still don’t have anything in our living room but an ottoman, but since this is a temporary situation, we are OK with that for now.

We successfully surprised my mom. She got to the airport with my dad, thinking they were picking up someone for dad’s work. So she saw us and starting getting out of the car before it came to a complete stop, that’s how excited she was. So we have been excited see family. Especially since most of my family had not met M yet. We are making the rounds.

There are some things we are happy to have now that we are back in the States. Like a car, boxed mac and cheese, good donuts. N has decided she may like cheese again, but not cheese sticks.

M has kind of started potty training. She goes whenever she asks, we don’t really have a schedule right now. She has actually gone almost every time when she says she has to. That is pretty amazing to us.

Some blog business-

Should I keep doing the blog? I originally started it because we were in England. If I should keep doing the blog, should I change the name since we are not in Canterbury? I won’t have not-in-America stuff to talk about and mention. What do you want to read?