Lots of exciting things happening in the greater Closs family! Momma Closs graduated with her MLS, which means, at long last, she can proclaim from the stacks, My oldest brother flew in from the east coast to join in the celebrations. And, since the Closs Brothers Three all enjoy the vidja games, we took this … Continue reading Nevermind



Our cat went on a wee adventure. We had suitcases around that were being emptied out. Sia would hide in a couple of them. At least half of the suitcases belong to family, so we were going to bring them to their house, which would also free space for all the boxes the movers were … Continue reading Adventure


It would seem that the blog has been on break. Yea, let's say that. I had a retreat this past weekend. It was a pastors' wives retreat. It was held at a place called Delta Bible Conference Center. We got a tour. They have a bunch of little cottages that may be owned by someone outside … Continue reading Break