We have one more week in the the US.  This is crazy to think about.  It is exciting, but we are also a little nervous.  We are moving to England.  Canterbury, Kent in the UK, to be exact. As of right now, we will be there for 4-5 years.  Hubby is going to get his Doctorate degree.  We almost did this 5 years ago.  Though it was a different part of the UK.  We almost went to Scotland.  Hubby was all ready.  He had been accepted to Edinburgh and he was looking into Visas.  But when we found out how long it would be until we could leave, we realized it wasn’t happening.  See, I was pregnant with N and by the we time we would head out, I would be 8 months along.  That is not a good time to take a 9 hour flight.  I was actually a little relieved.  I wasn’t looking forward to MOVING to Scotland.  Visit?  Absolutely!  But to live, I wasn’t so sure.

When Hubby started thinking about his Doctorate when his Masters was going to be completed, the UK came back up.  I was not hesitant this time. Even though we now have 2 littles N and M.  I found out a couple years later that Hubby was more disappointed than I realized that we didn’t go to the UK the first time.  I was determined to do anything I could to make sure it happened this time.  Not there was actually anything I could do, but still, I was determined.  So, I was very excited when he got into every single school he applied to in the UK.

Why are we excited?  Because we are moving to England!  What an adventure.  Hubby and I have both been out of the country, but neither of us has lived in a different country.  We are excited to do something new.  Including having a different schooling experience.  We are also excited about moving out of this seemingly constant Texas heat.  Bring on the random rain!  What are we nervous about?  Moving N and M.  Not really the England part of it.  More the nine our flight, three hour train ride, and the getting settled part of it.  I am very thankful that N seems excited.  The closer we get, the more she expresses her excitement.  I don’t think M really knows what is going on.  And I don’t think it will bother her too much.  As long as she gets sleep on the plane. (Really really hoping that happens.

All this to say, this blog is to, hopefully, show our journey.  I plan to share our journey in words and as many photos as possible.  I will do my best to keep up with this.  It may be slow going as we try to settle in and we start homeschooling N.  But we are excited and I hope you are too!


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