Christmas Day

Celebrating Christmas in a new place is always weird to me. In a different place around different people. We even had the added bonus of having been, and still being, sick.

We had a bit of a chaotic day. With long-distance family chats, church, presents, and dinner.

N and I went to church. They did a pass the parcel. If you don’t know what that is, let me explain. You have a present, aka parcel, and as you play music you pass it around. When the music stops the person holding the parcel opens a layer of the wrapping. I think they tried to stop the music when a child had the parcel. N was one of the kids that had the parcel when the music stopped. She got a piece of chocolate from the layer she unwrapped. All the kids that unwrapped a layer were asked to come up and help light the advent candles.

On our walk home we found what N called a family of Christmas birds.

When we got home we had lunch and nap time. Yes, the girls still need a nap on Christmas.

After nap we had what may be a tradition for us. A present hunt for N. And we started video chat with family. The girls opened presents. They seemed to enjoy their gifts. We started our duck dinner. And more family video chats. There was also some movie watching in there. We played our own pass the parcel and partook in the tradition of Christmas crackers. We also tried Christmas pudding. It’s similar to mince pies, but it has a different texture. It is kind of in between cake and pudding. Hubby wasn’t a fan of mince pies, he didn’t even give this a try. N wasn’t a fan. M ate all of hers. And I’m not sure what I think. I think I like mince pies better.

Maybe next year we will have snow.


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